Dew Oil Company provides Propane, Fuels and Lubricants to your home, business or industry. We will gladly deliver Propane for your gas stove, gas grill, gas logs, gas water heaters or Kerosene for home heating. If you are a business or industry, we will gladly set up tanks for On-Site fill up to fuel your equipment as well as provide Oils and/or greases to keep your machinery running smoothly. In particular, we offer Engine Oils, Hydraulic Oils and a variety of Greases, which we will gladly deliver to your business or site of operation.

‘Automatic Fill-Up’ or ‘Call-in’ Option:

As a Dew Oil Customer, after proper credit approval, you can elect to be put on our ‘Automatic Fill-Up’ list, which ensures a constant supply of product to your home or business when we are in your area. This type of regular, quarterly service allows you an additional savings on your per gallon price. We are able to service you when we are in your area, which creates a savings for you. Or, you may simply ‘Call-in’ the office and we will gladly make a special trip to your home when you are ready for our services. Either way, you can have peace of mind knowing that when you work with Dew Oil Company, we provide, install, test and service the tank size needed to accommodate your propane and fuel needs for your home  or  business.

Our licensed technicians can guarantee that your tank will be safely installed, pressure tested, and checked for any gas leaks before we leave the premises. We strive to provide service in a SAFE and EFFICIENT manner.

Below is a list of tanks and products that Dew Oil Company has provided for over 65 years.

Products Fuel Tanks Propane Tanks
Propane 270 gallon Tanks  100 lb. Cylinders
Dyed ULS Diesel 525 gallon Tanks  100 gallon Tanks
ULS Diesel 1000 gallon Tanks  250 gallon Tanks
Kerosene Double Wall Tanks 320 gallon Tanks
Unleaded Gasoline GPI Pumps 500 gallon Tanks
 Diesel Motor Oil
 Hydraulic Oil
DEF Fluid

Payment Options: 

As with any other Utility/Service company, upon proper credit approval, you have up to 30 days to pay your bill without penalty. After 30 days, you will be charged 1.5% Finance Charge to your account each month until it is paid in full. We accept CASH, Checks and Credit Cards (MasterCard, Visa, and Discover).

For inquiries regarding any of our services and/or products that we provide, please contact us.

Our business is Customer Service!