Let us come to you! We will gladly deliver any of our products directly to your job-site. Whether you are a logger, farmer, builder/developer, school or Fire Department,  Dew Oil Company will gladly coordinate an ‘On-Site’ refill program with you to keep your equipment and/or fuel tanks filled with product on a regular schedule. ‘On-Site’  tanks provide a safe and convenient way to maintain your operational needs without having to stop and re-fuel your own equipment, which takes time away from your businesses productivity. Call us at (910) 655-2295 for your Propane, Gasoline, Diesel Fuel, Dyed Diesel, Engine Oil, Hydraulic Oil and/or Greases. See our PRODUCTS page for a list of our services.

Our business is CUSTOMER SERVICE!


Dew Oil Commercial Services - Supporting North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia Logging, Industrial, Farming, and Construction Industries